Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Think Before You Post

Cell phone
Our Digital Citizenship messages in March focus on texting.  There are many topics that we are sharing with our students and families related to texting depending on the grade level.  At the early elementary level, we are reminding our students to talk to a grown up when they are exposed to something online (or anywhere) that makes them uncomfortable. They will have the opportunity to watch the video called "It's Okay to Tell" and work through some activities in the classroom.

Principals will be sharing an email and video with all students in 4th grade - 9th grade that reminds them about some questions to keep in mind before they send a text or post online.  A rap from Flocabulary called "Oversharing" Think Before You Post" will remind them about the hazards of oversharing online and will emphasize a thoughtful approach to digital footprints.

In addition to messages and reminders about texting and digital footprints, students at the high school level will receive a separate email about texting and driving.  This is a critical message for students at this age and there is an infographic titled DWI: Driving While Intexticated that will be shared.  In addition there is a video called "Your Last Text" that you can share with your students, but because of the nature of the video it would be best to preview it and plan time to discuss it after viewing the video as a class.

Please use the following additional classroom resources with your students to remind them about their responsibilities when texting. These resources can be used in homerooms, class meetings, etc.

Student/Classroom Resources

It’s Okay to Tell (NetSmartz Video K-5)
Mindful Messaging (2-5) (NEW!)

Using Cell Phones Wisely (4-5)

TipSheets for Tweens (4-8)

Jostens - Pause Before you Post (4-12)

Tips to Prevent Sexting for Teens - Tip Sheet (6-12)

Texting and Driving Statistics - Infographic (6-12)

TipSheets for Teens (9-12)

Your Last Text (Video - Graphic) (9-12)

Ally's Story - Second Thoughts on Sexting Video (9-12)

Information Travels - How fast does information travel once it gets online? (9-12) (NEW!)