Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Our Top Take Aways

During the month of March, our Digital Learning Coaches as well as our Library Media Specialists and myself attended a couple of conferences to continue our learning.  Over Spring Break four of our coaches attended the Midwest Google Summit and the following week others attended the Wisconsin Educational Media and Technology Conference (WEMTA).  While each conference had a different array of session choices, everyone came away from the events excited and ready to share what they learned!  Many of these topics will be shared in a variety of sessions at the Hodag Tech Fest this summer.  Here are some "take aways" from our Digital Learning Coaches...

Our Top Take Aways...

..learning about all different ways and activities to teach computer science, not just coding, and how important it is. I'm also super excited to try BreakoutEDU boxes!!

...website called Spiral. This is another way to gather formative feedback using Chromebooks.

...the many varied resources our wonderful SDR and state of Wisconsin provide for us as educators.Some examples are Teachingbooks.net (everything from author interviews, to author read alouds, to Reader's Theater scripts, and more); Wisconsin Media Labs (Wisconsin Biographies, Into the Books & Into the Map, Lesson plans on many Wisconsin topics, and more); & don't forget Wisconsin Public Television (documentaries, lesson plans, PBS Kids, and more).

...Envisioning a new way to set up a classroom and to teach by focusing on student inquiry has always been fascinating to me. David Jakes reminds us to use design to identify the desired student learning experience. He shared many creative ways to make learning more interactive, student driven and more applicable. Using his knowledge and having the opportunity to explore Makerspace activities, I plan to redesign my classroom, incorporating activities to promote curiosity and risk-taking as an everyday atmosphere. Some of the new activities I'd like add to my classroom: Bee-bots/coding, Green Screen, STEM activities and more formative assessments using Kahoot, Plickers and The Answer Pad.

...BreakoutEdu's, Bee-Bots, and learning about redesigning classrooms from David Jakes. Breakout Edu's are a great way to incorporate learning through teamwork building. I can't wait to incorporate these into Crescent classrooms and in staff meetings once the kits are purchased! David Jakes gave several examples on how to redesign your classroom to make the most desired learning space for students. I can't wait to share these wonderful ideas with my staff.

...Google Classroom: Using calendar for students organization skills. Adding parents and what their access looks like. Ideas for app smashing. My Maps: Utilizing google forms and my maps. How my maps can be utilized in all subject areas. Awesome Tables: Creation of an awesome table for our Hodag Tech Fest Website!

...Avenge your Gmail: great ideas for setting up Gmail and making it more personal. Coding: I tried to Code with Google and it was a bit challenging. We wrote Code the old fashion way and I got it to complete simple tasks.

...Google photos was a great session. Here I found a way to back up my student progress and pictures. This is an extremely nice way to have your photos stored in case the files become encrypted and you lose your images. Here is link to the presenters presentation.

...Conflict is essential for growing up, it is essential in life. Combat is a choice. When a child is in conflict with you they are seeing if you care enough about them to guide them and put up boundaries.

...Sometime we do things for kids that they should be doing for themselves. Stop answering questions for kids. Answer questions with questions.

If you are interested in personalizing your learning, please check out the conference resources online. You can access them at any time and if you have any questions please contact myself or the Digital Learning Coaches in your building.

WEMTA Conference Resources and Presentations

Wisconsin Educational Media and Technology AssociationTina Vannatter, Ellie Rumney, JoEllen Lieck, Heidi Catlin, Laura Tooke, Jesse Richter, Michelle Flohr